Recent papers on avian barcoding

  • Efe MA, Tavares ES, Baker AJ, Bonatto SL. 2009. Multigene phylogeny and DNA barcoding indicate that the Sandwich tern complex (Thalasseus sandvicensis, Laridae, Sternini) comprises two species. Mol Phylogenet Evol 52:263-267.
  • Ward RD. 2009. DNA barcode divergence among species and genera of birds and fishes. Mol Ecol Res 9:1077-1085.
  • Marra PP, Dove CJ, Dolbeer R, Dahlan NF, Heacker M, Whatton JF, Diggs NE, France C, Henkes GA. 2009. Migratory Canada geese cause crash of US Airways Flight 1549. Front Ecol Environ 7:297-301.
  • Baker AJ, Tavares ES, Elbourne RF. 2009. Countering criticisms of single mitochondrial DNA gene barcoding in birds. Mol Ecol Res 9:s257-268.
  • Kerr KCR, Liftmaer DA, Barreira AS, Hebert PDN, Tubaro PL. 2009. Probing evolutionary patterns in Neotropical birds through DNA barcodes. PLoS ONE 4:4379.

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