Global survey avian tissue collections published

A global survey of avian tissue resources, authored by Mark Stoeckle and Kevin Winker, appears in the July 2009 issue of The Auk. The survey identifies over 317,000 specimens in 29 collections representing 7,226 species (73% of world birds). This is the first global compilation of genetic resources for ... [more]

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Global avian tissue survey

A report on global avian tissue resources by Stoeckle and Winker appears in current issue of The Auk. This is the first global assessment of genetic resources for any large group of organisms.

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Avian barcode primers and protocols

Avian COI barcode primers and protocols compiled from recent papers available available as .doc file for download: avian COI barcode primers.doc

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Recent papers on avian barcoding

  • Efe MA, Tavares ES, Baker AJ, Bonatto SL. 2009. Multigene phylogeny and DNA barcoding indicate that the Sandwich tern complex (Thalasseus sandvicensis, Laridae, Sternini) comprises two species. Mol Phylogenet Evol 52:263-267.
  • Ward RD. 2009. DNA barcode divergence among species and genera of birds and fishes. Mol Ecol Res ... [more]

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  • In case you missed this

    New York Times, January 25, 2009, "Identifying the bird, when not much is left"

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    Birds and planes

    image.ashx"Planes, birds, microscopes, and DNA." Birder's World, April 2009, 30-33.

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    Crash of US Airways Flight 1549

    coverCover story in June 2009 Front Ecol Environ is US Airways Flight 1549 dramatic crash landing in Hudson River. Migratory Canada geese were identified as cause of crash using DNA barcoding, feather morphology, and isotope analysis of ... [more]

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    DNA IDs Air Force birds in Wall Street Journal

    DNA barcode identification of bird remnants to improve aircraft safety highlighted in January 4, 2008 Wall Street Journal front page article, also video interview with USAF pilots and Carla Dove of Smithsonian Feather Identification Laboratory.

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    New field marks for ABBI pages

    To help welcome visitors, new photos installed on banners headlining ABBI pages. More photos welcome! please send to

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    Updated ABBI checklist and "lookup" files available

    Updated versions (11 november 2007) of ABBI checklist, based on Clements 6th edition including updates through October 15, 2007, and "lookup" file are available for download: 

    •  ABBI checklist (Excel, 6 MB) including most author names and ITIS numbers for the 9,933 world species 
    •  [more]

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    Audubon features DNA barcode initiative

    Audubon magazine November-December 2007 reports on DNA barcoding including results so far with North American birds.

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    Shedding feathers means shedding DNA

    In Sept 2007 Mol Ecol Notes researchers from Purdue University, National Aviary Pittsburgh, and Naurzum National Nature Reserve in Kazakhstan report on recovery of DNA from feathers of eastern imperial eagle (Aquila heliaca) and related species. 

    Amplifying mtCOI barcode region from naturally shed feathers stored ... [more]

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    Neotropical bird news

    Pablo Tubaro sends news of speedy progress with Argentine birds, featured on this week's DNA barcode blog and in illustrated article in May 2007 Naturaleza & Conservacion, Spanish language publication of Aves Argentina-Bird Life International.

    Patricia Escalante reports early progress with birds of Mexico, and sends ... [more]

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    Bird strike hazards to civilian and military aircraft on YouTube

    An important practical application of COI barcoding is identifying bird strike specimens. Knowledge of the species involved enables targeted programs to reduce their presence near airfields and is used by engineers to improve aircraft design. As the examples below illustrate, birdstrikes may cause serious damage.

    This video ... [more]

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    ABBI site gets new feathers

    ABBI site updated with new papers, links, visuals, text, and checklists!

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    Indo-Malayan birds meeting report published

    A summary report on the Indo-Malayan ABBI organizational meeting, held 8-9 March 2007 at National University of Singapore appears in 31 August 2007 Raffles Bull Zool 55:397.

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    ABBI goes online!

    ABBI goes online Aug 10th 2006. The majority of features are already working on the site. The main item to note is that the species as listed on the site have not yet had a regional working group assigned to them so the details of the progress reports for each ... [more]

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